Mission: “To Help Feed Those in Need During Disasters” is committed to creating a network of culinary professionals specially trained and willing to collaborate with other established disaster relief organizations to better assist those in need of food during disasters.

Our contribution to mass feeding during disasters will be to help provide safe, high volume, high quality, culturally appropriate meals and snacks to rescuers and victims when normal food sources are either unavailable or difficult to access.


To establish and maintain a network of dedicated culinary professionals who are on-call to provide mass feeding services in collaboration with other disaster relief agencies.

To train our culinary professionals to work side-by-side with The Salvation Army and other disaster feeding staff in their established mass feeding kitchens.

To acquiring and develop new feeding technologies and resources as deemed appropriate to increase the feeding capacity and overall effectiveness of the disaster response and relief complex.


Increase the feeding capabilities of disaster relief organizations by providing professional chefs to supervise and support established disaster relief kitchens.

Enhance the quality and efficiency of high volume food preparation in disaster relief kitchens.

Assure that food safety guidelines are met for meals prepared in disaster relief kitchens while providing for the diverse dietary needs of victims and relief workers.

Recognize and reward the efforts of chefs participating in disaster relief feeding, and support them while they are providing these services.

Additional Components of our Culinary Care Concept

·        Provide culinary professionals with an opportunity to show their compassion for victims of disasters by helping to provide safe and well-balanced meals

·        Increase the segment of the culinary community that is actively involved in using their skills and abilities to serve quality foods to those in need during disasters

·        Conduct research and develop food cooking, storage and preparation technologies with particular focus on Culinary Disaster Relief

·        Procure, staff and support mobile kitchens for high volume disaster mass feeding


Advisory Board

This is the group of highly motivated leadership people committed to making an integral part of the disaster relief community. These volunteers participate in governance decisions, fund raising, program development and other areas of special interest to members.  A list of members of this board can be made available upon request.

How To Help:

If you would like to help in any way, Please contact at

Thank You for any contribution  you make.

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